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Forms and stickers for logistics

Preprinted or blanco labels

We offer preprinted or unprinted blanco labels in both rolls and sheets for use in logistics and product markings. We have some sizes of blanco labels in storage, but we manufacture most of them to order.

  • Direct thermal printing

Heat-sensitive materials that are printed on without an ink ribbon using heat. The most suitable paper materials for direct thermal printing are Thermal Eco (uncoated) and Thermal Top (coated) and certain plastics suitable for thermal printing, such as Synthermal.

  • Thermal Transfer

A wide variety of paper and plastic materials are suitable for ink ribbon printing.

  • Inkjet printing

We also manufacture blanco labels or preprinted labels suitable for inkjet printing.

  • Laser printing

We can create both preprinted or unprinted sheets for laser printing. The sheets can also be scored or perforated.


Auraprint has a long-standing tradition in the printing of forms. We can print waybills, letter, invoice and salary forms as well as various combinations of labels and forms.

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