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Ravenwood linerless labels

We are the only printing house in Finland that manufactures Ravenwood Linerless labels, which are quickly gaining popularity in the food industry.

The benefits of Ravenwood labels include their large printing area and excellent shelf visibility. The labels also fold to the sides of the package, or even completely around it. This allows the consumer to see the product’s brand and product information even from the top shelf.  Ravenwood labels can be made from both paper or plastic materials. These labels are also suitable for labelling difficult and uneven skin packs.

The Linerless C wrap labels can also replace the cardboard sleeves used in ready meal packages. In these cases the label is creased or perforated so that the folds of the label are sharp and clean. Windows can also be punched into the label.

As the name suggests, Ravenwood Linerless labels do not have a liner, or backing paper, which is immediately noticeable as shortened processing time and reduced waste costs.

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