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In questions related to new artwork and materials you will be served by the expert staff of our repro department at, tel. +358 207 917 788. You will find answers to the most frequently asked questions under the section Artwork instructions and artwork transfer.

You can find the latest print materials for your company’s products printed at Auraprint in the me&aura portal. This makes material management smooth and clear: both you and your company as well as us at Auraprint see the same version of the material, so discussing possible changes is easy. Order and draft traffic also runs through the portal. You can login to the me&aura portal with the user name and password issued to your company. If your company does not yet have these login credentials, contact our customer service at

Artwork instructions

By adhering to the following instructions we ensure that the work proceeds as smoothly as possible and we avoid extra work and possible additional costs.

Pictures of the winding directions can be found here:

Sending the artwork

– By email to

– Via the Me&Aura portal

– If the file size exceeds 20 MB, contact our repro department

– Send all the artwork and other material related to the job at once

Specifying the material

– Customer name

– Auraprint’s product code (Auraprint T code) if known

– Product name / description

Artwork-related instructions

General information

The material size ratio is 1:1

Minimum trimming allowance 2 mm


Process colours must be used in four-colour jobs (CMYK)

CMYK colour profile: FOGRA 39

We do not recommend the use of registration black

Additional colours must be named as follows:

Pantone colours must be named clearly in the format: PANTONE + number + C (coated) / U (uncoated). For example: PANTONE 2007 C

Note: The hues of the Pantone C and Pantone U colour charts differ from each other. The designer must choose the Pantone hues from the C or the U library depending on the material used in the job. If needed, ask our repro department for more instructions on the use and naming of additional colours.


The recommended minimum resolution of four-colour images is 300dpi

Supported image formats: TIFF, EPS, JPG or PSD

Graphics and elements

Minimum line width: 0.2 mm

We recommend you send graphical elements such as logos in vector format

A separate slitting line named “die” must be defined for jobs that are cut to a custom shape

Please note that the slitting line must be formed by a single continuous line

Ask for further instructions when needed


The font size needs to adhere to existing packaging industry standards

The fonts need to be in the Adobe Font Folio 9 or Font Folio Opentype formats if they are included in the file

If other fonts are used, they must be delivered together with the rest of the material or turned into graphics

Please note that once converted into graphics we can no longer edit the text in the file

Please note that extra work resulting from correcting unprintable material is charged separately unless otherwise agreed upon.

Contact information of our prepress department


Artwork and materials:

Telephone: +358 207 917 788

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