Quality and environmental system

Auraprint Oy’s product unit uses a certified ISO 9001 quality system which supports the systematic development and monitoring of operations.

Our quality policy

We manufacture and market product labels, ticket products and forms. Our operations promote the following values

  • Cooperation and appreciation of others
  • Reliability and honesty
  • Continuous improvement and development
  • Profitability

We meet our customers’ expectations and requirements. We have plenty of resources and our personnel are skilled, trained and motivated. Our operations account for environmental and occupational safety requirements.

Auraprint Oy’s environmental policy focuses on environmental responsibility, energy and environmental efficiency, the promotion of sustainable production principles and on requiring our suppliers to be environmentally responsible. Auraprint Oy has been improving its energy and material efficiency for years and has invested heavily into process efficiency.

The most important projects in pursuit of these goals have been “me&aura” and its supporting systems. Made from renewable raw materials, our products offer a great alternative to more carbon-intensive products. Our sustainable development principles include not only environmental responsibility, but also overall operational, financial and social responsibility.