Pre-printed and blanco labels

We manufacture pre-printed or blanco labels both in roll and sheet format for logistics and product marking. A few sizes of blanco labels are ready stocked, but the majority are made to order.

Thermal printing
Heat-sensitive materials which are printed on without a ribbon using heat. Paper materials that are suitable for direct thermal printing include Thermal Eco (uncoated) and Thermal Top (coated), as well as some thermal printing-suitable plastics, such as Synthermal.

Thermal transfer
Many materials, both paper and plastic-surfaced, are suitable for colour ribbon printing.

We also manufacture blanco labels or pre-printed labels which are suitable for inkjet printing.

We manufacture both pre-printed and unprinted sheets that are suitable for laser printing. Pre-cutting and perforations to sheets are also possible.

A4 label sheets in stock

A4 label sheets are manufactured from laser-suitable materials with permanent adhesive:

Product code Label size Form size Sheets in box
050 820 210 x 297 mm A4 indivisible 100
050 817 105 x 148,5 mm A4 divisible into 4 100
050 810 105 x 71 mm A4 divisible into 8 100
050 801 70 x 35,6 mm A4 divisible into 24 100
050 823 52,5 x 25,4 mm A4 divisible into 44 100


Auraprint Oy has years of experience with form printing. We manufacture consignment notes, letter, invoice and salary forms as well as various sticker-form combinations.

Forms in stock

Consignment notes, consignment note pouches and invoicing forms are all available in stock. We also have three-part sticker address cards with an adhesive-free and detachable middle section available in stock.

030 206   Consignment note 4-ply set with numbering on a carrier web
030 302   Consignment note 4-ply set with numbering
030 306   4-ply unit set consignment note
030 365   Consignment note pouch
030 406   4-ply continuous consignment note with numbering
031 384   Sheet A4, invoice/giro (SPY 4410)
031 388   Sheet A4, with three printed giros (SPY 2415)
050 905   Sticker address card 109 mm x 9″
050 902   Data labels in roll, 77 x 99 mm, black bars. 1500 pcs / roll, 6 rolls / box, core diameter 41