Get a luxury look with foiling

Foiling is also a good option for labelling in the foodstuffs industry when you want a uniquely eye-catching label.

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We manufacture product labels from various materials according to their application and the customer’s wishes using both flexographic and digital technology. Our services include the following: •foiling
•silk screen inks
•printing over a label’s adhesive side
•adhesive killing and adhesive application
•printing of variable information

Multiple layer labels

Various multiple layer and resealer labels improve both the look and functionality of a package. •Double-layer labels increase the printing area for product information translations, campaigns and prize draw codes, to name just a few examples.
•Resealer labels can also be layered, wherein the uppermost layer is resealable.

Shrink-sleeve labels

The advantage of labels which shrink around a bottle or package lies in their large printing area: the products stand out visually and contain plenty of information. Shrink-sleeve labels which extend up over a bottle cap or lid also act as a seal. We manufacture eye-catching and functional shrink-sleeve labels for a range of products. We have experience with shrink-sleeve printing materials, printing, sealing and shrinking. We can carry out all of the aforementioned phases under the same roof, meaning that we can demonstrate both the functionality and appearance of the shrink-sleeve labels in small printing batches early on.

Wraps and packaging films

We print heat-sealable metallised materials and clear plastics for e.g. spices, chocolate and chewing gum packaging.

3C linerless labels and banners

Paper labels that extend over the side of the package to the underside and banners which circle the entire package, attached only by a few strips of glue, are becoming increasingly common in the meat and convenience food industries. The rise in popularity of this kind of label is primarily driven by the need for more text space on packaging due to an increase in mandatory markings on products. A label which extends over the side of the package provides space to highlight the brand, and helps the package to stand out on the shop shelves as the label reaches over the side of the package. Since the label is not a sticker, it is also easy to detach from the package, for example to read an overleaf recipe or to otherwise store the label.