Product specifications

The product specifications, or technical details, for your products supplied by Auraprint Oy can be found in the me&aura portal. Using identifiers in the specifications, Auraprint makes sure that your products are precisely identified and that any statutory background material relating to e.g. the foodstuffs industry can be found in Auraprint Oy’s quality system. In this way we can guarantee that products you purchase from Auraprint will meet statutory requirements concerning packaging material in the foodstuffs industry.

In addition to the information shown in the portal, Auraprint’s ERP system may also contain detailed instructions for various works phase relating to customers, product models or individual orders. Your products can be found in order in the me&aura product browser: first all products, and then all products that are in stock. Click the product image to view the latest product material submitted for printing. Model of product specifications

Instructions for using the portal