For an easier purchasing process and material management

Me&aura is an online service for Auraprint’s customers. As a user, you can view your company’s products and related material as well as place and monitor both orders and drafts. The service is clear and easy to use. It combines the order-delivery process in a new way. It brings us closer to the customer, and the customer closer to us.

In fact, me&aura is just a small part of our larger development project. Through me&aura and related changes to our operating methods, we aim to speed up and adapt our operations to a trailblazer level. You will still be served by our familiar sales and service centre specialists, who also use me&aura.

A wide range of search functions speeds up use of the service and customers find the purchasing process to be unambiguous. The draft page makes it easy to monitor drafts. We overhauled our draft process in spring 2015 and it is now linked directly to me&aura, bringing transparency to draft management for other organisational departments in both your company and ours.

It’s also easy to start a new product project via me&aura. Our New Product (Uusi Tuote) tool allows you to upload a project and send it to us. You can monitor the project’s progress in the me&aura view, where you can also contact us at the touch of a button.

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