Artwork instructions and transfer

By following the instructions below, you ensure that your job is going fluently through our workflow and that there is no need for additional prepress work that could cause an additional billing.

General instructions:

Sending the files

  • By email:
  • By me&aura web-portal. More information here >
  • If size of the file is more than 20MB, contact us for more information.
  • Please send all the files related to job at once

Naming the job

  • Customer name
  • Product ID code of Auraprint if known (Auraprint T-code).
  • Name of the product

File formats

  • Recommended file formats are PDF, Illustrator and ArtPro-files
  • Please notice that other file formats can cause additional work to our prepress which may increase the cost of job

Artwork related instructions:


  • Use process colors in four-color jobs (CMYK)
  • CMYK-color profile: FOGRA 39
  • Registration black is not recommended to use
  • Additional special colors has to be named in the following way:
    • Pantone colors in format of: PANTONE + number + C.
    • For instance: PANTONE 021 C
    • Ask for more information about special colors if needed.


  • Recommended resolution for four color pictures is 300dpi
  • Recommended picture formats are TIFF, EPS, JPG and PSD

 Graphics and elements:

  • Minimum line weight 0,2mm
  • Graphical elements like logos, are recommended to be in vector format
  • Jobs that are cut to custom shape need to include a die-cutting line named as “die”
  • Notice that die-cut line is one single line shape
  • Ask for more information if needed


  • Font size need to be set as instructed in package industry standards.
  • Font type need to be Adobe Font Folio 9 or Adobe OpenType if they are included in file.
  • If you use a font of any other type, include them into the file or send them separately with other job related files.
    • Notice that after changing the font to vector graphic, we cannot make any changes to text.

Please notice that if our prepress needs to repair or customize the artwork it might add additional billing.


Prepress contact information:

Artwork related information:

Send files to:

Phone: 0207 917 788