Multi-layered labels increase functionality and printing area

Layered labels can be used in a range of diverse applications: they can be used in campaigns with number or QR codes, or to increase printing areas for various translations of the product text or instructions. Increased legislation on product markings has caused problems for product packaging since there simply isn’t always enough space for all of the compulsory text in all of the required languages. In many cases, this problem can be solved by using double-layered labels. They provide three printing surfaces instead of one, since in addition to the upper and lower labels, it is also possible to print on the glued surface. Layered labels were used to solve space constraints on Kekkilä’s product labels. Product manager Heli Koljonen explains that the label is an excellent solution for including all language versions on the same label. There’s no longer any need to print separate labels for each translation; up to six translations can fit on the same label.