Maston spray paints now come with an informative sleeve

Finland’s best-selling spray paints now come with a new label which is both informative and acts as a protective sleeve. Students at Aalto University have developed a set of images which are understood worldwide.

”Maston now stands out from other spray paint alternatives by communicating essential information relating to product selection and use with large, simple and universal symbols. Information on application, spray distances and coverage is traditionally written in small text on the back of the can,” says Maston Oy’s sales director Ilkka Parviainen. He gives the industrial design students from Aalto University top marks for good cooperation.

“We had numerous tests carried out and drafts made along the way before we arrived at the final label, which serves spray painters all the way from Finland, via Central Europe and on to Australia. The clean design of the new label belies the amount of work we put into it.”

When Maston researched how understandable the instructions on the spray paint label were, 95% of respondents felt that the symbols were extremely illustrative. Even people who had never used spray paint before agreed.

Ville Piippo, an Aalto University student of industrial design who developed the instructive symbols, emphasises the label’s communicative role on the store shelf.

An innovative perforated label
Since existing plastics and laminates did not meet the developers’ requirements, a new label material was produced as a by-product. Maston’s development team ripped dozens of wraps from the can and cap before they found one which was simultaneously strong yet easy to open.

“The perforated label is a protective sleeve which also covers the cap. When the label is intact, a spray painter in a store can trust that the can is unused and contains the same amount of paint that Maston has packed into it,” says Parviainen.

New Maston labels were rolled out onto paint shelves in central Europe in spring 2016 and will make their way to Finnish spray painters by the end of the year.

Text published on on 17.6.2016. By Reino Lantto.

Label manufacturer: Auraprint Oy