130 years of printing experience

Auraprint Oy has years of experience in the printing industry: the company’s roots go back to 1886 when the Aura newspaper was given permission to establish a printing house. It began operating under the name Auran kirjapaino.

Auraprint has always invested heavily in product development. It has discovered new and growing product areas early on and has dared to invest in them. In 1954 Auraprint began to produce continuous forms and it was long known as a form printing house. In 1970 it began to product computer forms and the label roll production started in 1987.

The 1990s was a period of strong growth via corporate acquisitions. Production began to focus increasingly on printed products relating to markings on products and services. New products in the 2000s have included plastic film printing (wrap-around labels and shrink-sleeves). In recent years investments in digital technology have been an important and wise move: digital production is expanding continuously and by combining it with traditional printing technology we are able to comprehensively meet our customers’ product marking needs.