Digital power


Digitality is a great opportunity that has not yet been extensively utilised in the world of packaging. Digital printing technology is a world of possibilities: in addition to numbering and variable QR codes, almost any kind of variable data can be used.   How would a range of children’s shampoo bottles with 30 different characters and colour schemes from princesses to skateboarding girls and from magicians to basketball champions look on a store shelf? Or sandwich packaging featuring a slew of aphorisms for both good and bad days? With digital technology it’s as easy to print 30 stickers as it is to create just one.

But there’s no need to settle for digital printing technology alone: augmented reality makes it possible to combine physical packaging with virtual reality. With the help of a smartphone, a picture on a cheese label can be used as an admission ticket to the Alps to look down from a ridge over a village bathed in sunlight. Or virtually taste delicious fondue with some afterski alpine music. And one lucky cheese enthusiast could win a competition to visit the Alps in person!

Only my imagination is the limit when it comes to the possibilities of combining printed products with virtual reality. A brainstorm with teenaged smartphone experts would certainly produce new, interesting ideas. And a visit with developers of augmented reality-based applications would be eye-opening: this really works! If you have ideas and the motivation to used variable data in printed products, or if you want to hear more about combining printed products with live content, let us know!

An increase in media channels is an opportunity, not a threat. A brand or company’s story gets through to its audience better when it can be conveyed in a range of different media. Packaging is an important marketing channel and form of media, so it is well worth maximising its full potential. Either by widening your perspective or augmenting reality; whichever works for you.

Katriina Hieta
Sales and Marketing Manager, Auraprint Oy

Katriina Hieta has held various positions in Auraprint Oy since 2000. She has previously worked as quality director, but has worked in sales and marketing for several years. She holds a master's degree in economics. She lives with her husband and three teenaged girls.