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Auraprint Oy is a leading and innovative printing house specialising in labelling solutions. Our primary products include printed self-adhesive product labels, unprinted blanco labels, wrap-around labels, Ravenwood labels, shrink-sleeve labels, various special labels and printed packaging films. Our product selection also includes tickets and forms.

Our operations are built upon our extensive experience. We are a versatile, innovative and investing company – we wish to offer our customers the best expertise in the business. We employ some 95 persons and in 2020 our turnover was approximately 17 million euros. Our production facility is located in Turku, Finland. In addition to Turku we also have sales offices in Vantaa.

135 years of experience in printed products

Auraprint Oy has over a century of experience in the printing industry: the roots of the company reach back to 1886 when the newspaper Aura was granted permission to establish a printing house. It began operations under the name Auran kirjapaino (Aura Printing Press).

Auraprint has always invested heavily into product development. The company has a knack for finding new and growing product areas early on and it has the courage to seize the opportunity and invest in them. Auraprint began producing continuous forms in 1954 and the company was subsequently known as a form printing house for a long time to come. Computer forms entered the picture in the 1970s and label roll production began in 1987.

The 1990s brought significant growth through corporate acquisitions. The focal point of production kept shifting more and more towards printed products related to service and product markings. In the 2000s new ground was broken with plastic film printing (wraparound labels and shrink-sleeves). Investments into digital technologies have been the crucial decisions of recent years, and they have been the correct ones: the share of digital production is ever increasing and by combining digital and traditional printing methods we can meet the product marking needs of our customers to a great degree.

Product development and adaptation have always been significant parts of Auraprint’s corporate culture and the company keeps its ear close to the ground regarding changes in the packaging and printing industries. Business operations are continuously being developed, which can also be seen in the investment rate: some 10–20 % of the company’s turnover is used for investments.