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Auraprint continues its journey towards more responsible business also in 2023

Responsibility starts with leadership. At Auraprint, we take responsible actions in all areas, from company values to staff safety and well-being, material choices, and resource efficiency in production.

Our operations are certified for quality and environmental issues, and we are committed to continuous improvement in reducing our environmental impact and ensuring quality. A high level of quality means fewer complaints and less wastage.

We significantly reduced our energy consumption

During 2022, we reduced our energy consumption by 7.8%. It is a significant figure for the company size of Auraprint, which is constantly increasing its production volumes.

Investments in new technology, changing our lighting to energy-efficient LED technology, and the renewable energy from our solar power plant have contributed positively to reducing our energy consumption.

In 2023, we want to be even more sustainable

This year, we aim to continue reducing our emissions and energy consumption. To achieve this, we have started to take action from the beginning of the year. 

We are making a significant investment in renewable energy by increasing the number of solar panels on the roof of our factory building. This action will almost double the amount of solar power. After installing the solar panels, our solar power plant will be able to provide around 15-20% of our annual energy needs.

This year, we have also invested in LED technology in our printing presses for ink drying. In this way, we are achieving significant savings in energy consumption compared to traditional UV lamps.

We also continue to explore and offer eco-friendly material options. Recycled materials are available in both paper and plastics. Our selection also includes pine oil-based PP and PE Forest. We have increased the amount of Ravenwood Linerless labels in our production. The advantage of these labels is that they have no backing paper and therefore are a very ecological option to minimise waste.

We also want to invest in being a responsible employer. One of the ways we have implemented this aspect is by providing adjustable electronic desks for all who wish that and work in our office. On the factory side, an occupational physiotherapist will regularly visit the production side to improve work ergonomics by suggesting corrections to working postures and improvements to assistive equipment. Our responsibility work continues this year.


Auraprint continues its journey towards more responsible business also in 2023 A Look into Today and the Future – Interview of Ilkka Ylipoti in the Pakkaus packaging magazine